Be amazed at the third edition of HowWow November 15th!

‘Did you see that commercial last night?’, ‘Do you know who made this ad?’ and ‘HOW did they come up with this brilliant campaign?’ are all phrases we hear a lot during office days. We LOVE great artworks, campaigns and ads that give us the WOW sensation. But… HOW?!

HoWWow is back! November 15th will be the date to save. We’re thrilled to announce that world class animation specialists Blinkink will join us for this edition. Our second guests will be Garrigosa Studio who will tell us about their award winning photography, postproduction and CGI work. Our last guest is going to be a little surprise. Just to keep the suspense up ;).

Stay tuned on our Facebook event for more info and don’t miss out!

Save the date: November 15th, 18:00 – 23:00
Doors open: 17:30
Location: NewWerktheater, Oostenburgergracht 75
Tickets: 7,50 euro